7-70-7 – Avran (Angry Snowboarder) LeFeber

Some agree, some disagree, some sue and some just laugh. Avran evokes a lot of emotion when he calls bull shit and sets the record straight. The self proclaimed ”Defender of snowboarding” is a force to be reckoned with but as complex as he may be all he wants to do is fucking snowboard…

Is the industry broken? How do you fix it.

Fuck yeah it is. I run the site that everyone loves to hate because it calls the truth.

Something else you could of done with your life instead of snowboarding?

Swedish mankini model.

Summarization of musical taste?

80′s butt rock

Something to collect?

V cards

Something to read?

Angrysnowboarder.com oh no wait fuck that site read The Dirt by Motley Crue.

Near death experience?

Feb. 25 2002 ruptured spleen and a heli ride I can’t remember. Fuck spleens they do nothing.

Words to live by?

Snowboarding owes you nothing, you owe it everything!


just ridin’ Photo cred. Gary Apostalou Vail Pass



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