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If you have seen any of the DOPE videos or you have been just living under a rock these guys are keeping it real one bong hit at a time. Showcasing some of the best riders in Canada with a grimmy glisen.If you have not seen their newest banger of a movie DOPE 3 go down to your local shop and ask for one. David  Brocklebank is one of the brains behind the scenes making DOPE what it is. Here is what he had to say in 70 words or less.

Born to Lose


Is the industry broken? How do you fix it.

duh. I aint fixing shiit hopefully somebody else will

Something else you could of done with your life instead of snowboarding?

More drugs

Words to live by?

Born to lose.

Recent music on the iPod?


Something to watch?

X Files Third season episode 20: jose chungs from outer space!

Something to make?

Love with beautiful women

Something to change your life?



David getting down! Photo Cred- Rob Lemay

Money in the Brocklebank! Photo Cred – Rob Lemay


DOPE wants you to #turnEMANpro

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    lets see that footy playa!!

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