7-70-7 – Fancy Rutherford

If you ask anyone that knows Fancy they will say she is a G… With her part in the new snowboard flick for the ladies (Too Hard) she has shown that she is here to stay.. Oh she is so fancy!

Nothin’ but a G thang…P.Danny Kern

Last trip? Where and why?
The hospital because I broke my arm in 6 places
Summarization of musical taste?
classic rock with a hint of the blues
Words to live by?
“You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow.” JANIS JOPLIN
Something to collect?
I collect ducks, mostly bronze and ceramic ones
Something to get in trouble for?
smoking Black and Milds on the chair lift
Something to tell your kids?
You mean IF I have kids?
Ideal situation?
Well, Im trying to win the lottery but ill settle for riding and having fun with my friends.

Fancy being Fancy p.Keith Rutherford

current sponsors- Arnette, Flux, Boreal, Eternal, Koalition, DC, and Jax on the trax

Fancy is also in Better Late/ Than Never and Too Hard (DUH!)

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  1. Valmere Says:

    I being the mother of Fancy am responsible
    For her beauty inside and out and her
    Courage to compete and her success
    In all she attempts to accomplish. We, her father
    And I are so proud of her!

    Love you Fancy !

  2. Wyn Says:

    Hi Fancy! Love you–you’re the best! Snow Coming Soon—Trust The Force!!

    Love You!


  3. Meagan Says:


  4. Merica Says:

    I saw this chick like two years ago still wearing the same jacket. She was hitting the big jumps at Norstar shit I won’t even do that.

  5. Sam Says:

    Sick… haha.. so g

  6. Kelly B Says:

    …and she’s a sweet neighbor! A true G.

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