“little boys with cheap ass websites”

As anyone with a PhD would know, RideOnTop has simply asked a question,
what do you think about this, regarding a recent article and the manufacturer of certain products. It’s unfortunate that a company with seemingly good core values (supporting vets and those suffering mental illnesses, which is awesome) would not embrace the views of others and respond by positively backing their product.

Our one comment has sparked the following responses from Nope. Snowboards:

you ripped us online
you have to bash us
if we are attacked – we attack back

If you’ve been following along, you may be interested in the kind words we’ve received from Nope. Snowboards. (side note: the first paragraph reads like a fairy tale, and the second one makes little sense).

Email to RideOnTop:

Dear XXX,

I was just getting to your email, when our marketing department informed us you ripped us online. So I guess working together to get the real message of NOPE out is a no go at this point. However, you have riled up some of our crew. So before this goes to far, let me just set the record straight. My partner and I started NOPE because I, as a university professor invented a very powerful microscope and had it stolen from me by greedy, evil people. One night at dinner, my partner and I, she is a surgeon, said you know with the insurance companies ripping people off, the trouble in government and banking, what happened to us in our careers and especially homelessness, we had enough, we said no more or NOPE.

I love snowboarding been doing it for a long time, grew up on the east coast, and it was snowboarding when my eureka moment came to me finishing the microscope – so it is important to me. So we wanted to tell our stories, things that affected us, and hire artist, real artist to tell our stories through pictures, and thought it would be cool to do it on a board. Then we decided that having a portion of the proceeds help those who are less furtunate would be great. I have ridden most everything, use to love the Un Inc brand, by Burton, but rode Monson last few years, just customs – and I like the product, so as neither myself or my partner is a board maker, and our boards were about art – we decided that Ryan Monson’s boards, made in the USA, would be a great medium for our messages, our art and our charity work -

So your comments on our facebook were missing the point, we are a snowboard company, but it is our canvas for our stories, and if not a single person ever buys our boars, so what, we do it for us and for those that need help – we sell our products to other doc’s friends and family to support our charities – for instance, the Soldier On board is a tribute to my dad a vietnam vet, and we support homeless and returning vet’s with the money -

We made NOPE for us, for them, and because we love boards, but Ryan’s boards are secondary to our message – yes we are pushing some new designs for next year, dual camber, and I have an idea for a new shape, as I have a PhD in physics – but for now, we just want to help others -

With all this said, I dont know who you all are, or this Angry Snowboarder guy, who would name themselves angry? but if you have to bash us go ahead, but understand – we are educated and we will only take so much, we do not want to have enemies for trying to be good people, but if we are attacked – we attack back – we are limitless in our resources, we will pay lawyers all day long until our opponent has nothing left, and that is not a threat that is very serious, – I will be talking to them tomorrow – about the NOPE ya bastards comment -

It is too bad you could not appreciate that we spend 5-10K on a single art piece – that they are personal and they help others


XXX (name removed for privacy)

And a comment on our recent article “But I am trying Hard”:

Angry phd Says:
November 2nd, 2011 at 11:44 pm e
Nope is run by doctors who donate a large part if their time and money to non profits and charities – NOPE is a movement a cause – that you miss that makes your article ridiculous
As for the tool who said he was an engineer and nope can’t afford him “ nope has resources and is run by doctors using snowboards as their medium for messages “ I know these guys and i can tell you they could wipe their asses with what the œmechanical eng makes and still have a nice dinner “ attacking a charitable organization because you have no brand and nothing to lose makes you a loser “ there market is not little boys with cheap ass websites but educated professionals who don’t live in their moms basement “ people who know their money spent helps others
I guess you thought nope was started to please you “ NOPE
amazing you attack a charitable company – as for boards love monsoon boards and nope is pushing design and graphics but enjoys their relationship with monson “ they are great guys”

Angry phd Says:
November 2nd, 2011 at 11:52 pm e
Angry should be careful real careful lawsuits are my specialty and I gauratee I have more money his bs stops now get ready asshole

Now if my monkey brain will allow me to break this one down, there will be some form of legal implications for ending our article with ya bastards!. I’d like to raise a couple points:

1. Please review our articles and note that “ya bastards!” is a signature of our top writer.

2. they could wipe their asses with what the mechanical eng makes and still have a nice dinner

3. And “you have no brand and nothing to lose makes you a loser”

4. And “little boys with cheap ass websites but educated professionals who don’t live in their moms basement”

5. And “Angry should be careful real careful lawsuits are my specialty and I gauratee I have more money “ his bs stops now get ready asshole”

…..may all be considered slanderous?

It’s pretty cool when a PhD and lots of money makes you right.

Just saying.

-Britt (RideOnTop) and Ryan (RideOnTop)

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  1. Some asshole Says:

    Ya bastard

  2. +1 Says:

    I can’t wait for the next instalment!

  3. angrysnowboarder Says:

    I just want to know how I got brought into this in your original article that they flipped out on me? Really they just instigated with me when I asked a simple question. Sounds like someone has some roid rage problems.

  4. David Z Says:

    They really shit the bed on this one, like you said it is particularly unfortunate because they do seem to have good values and are trying to do some positive things.

    And continuing the shit-the-bed theme that’s going on… lawsuits? Apparently the guys behind Nope have so much money that they don’t mind wasting in on frivolous lawsuits for non-existent torts. At least their lawyers will be happy to get paid, I guess.

  5. burritosandsnow Says:

    With all that crazy loot you’d think they could pay for a proof reader. Maybe they had one but when he pointed out their errors they sued him and took everything he had … apparently to give to vets and homeless folks.

  6. KaracaPow Says:

    I think he has PHD confused with PMS…

  7. angrysnowboarder Says:

    So should I be scared? Cause you know what I did today? I went snowboarding while they were making idle threats.

  8. Nate Says:

    I guess having a PhD doesn’t require proper grammar, punctuation, or being able to string together cohesive sentences.

  9. Sam Says:

    “I think he has PHD confused with PMS!

    Ladies and gentleman, this thread is done. haha

  10. angrysnowboarder Says:

    You know if you Google Nope Snowboards I come up before their website and if you Google Nope Snowboard I’m number one. SEO for the win!

  11. Justsayin' Says:

    First, to you, Angry phd:

    regarding “educated professionals who don’t live in their moms basement ” People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Or didn’t you learn that in all of your years of school?

    Angrysnowboarder and company:

    This guy has ALWAYS had a chip on his shoulder so his tantrums and spewing of threats are nothing new, only new to you. Obviously he hasn’t learned how to keep his mouth shut. Watch out! He can get VARI M.A.D.!


  12. Ryan "where's my PHD McDeal?" Seale Says:

    Ola amigos…

    This is entertaining the hell outta me. I’m all the way in the flatlands of Ontario, but the news is spreading! Hell, if you can’t hit the mountains, this is proving to be a decent spot to stay entertained. I haven’t seen a doctor use that many run on sentences ever. EVER! And let’s be honest, giving money to charity doesn’t make you a good person. Moreover, having a PHD doesn’t make you smart. All in all, good luck, Nope Snowboards. You’re going to need it. To all the gems at ROT, keep shooting straight.

    Ryan “quit your cryin” Seale

    ps: I googled Nope. snowboards today. Mr. Angrysnowboarder’s site popped up first. Good show sir. The irony is too much for me.

  13. All the haters Says:

    Nope snowboards. Wishing you the best of luck.. You have great graphics on your boards and a lot of people supporting you now!

  14. Time to come clean Says:

    I am hoping you guys could call out this fake-ass company and make them prove (picture of checks) how much they donated to the Vets and the homeless. I keep seeing comments that they sold out of all the boards this year so now lets see the proof that they are not the lamest company ever who uses Vets, Homeless and Mentally Ill to make a buck. BTW giving snowboards to these groups DOES NOT COUNT!!

  15. Ryan Says:

    Hey “All the Haters” really enjoyed your post. It is a comment board and we all are aloud to say what we want. Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing… That being said I think if you employer is “Nope” snowboards I am sure you would think their Graphics are great. I would too. You can’t bite the hand that feeds. Good luck with the sales in Australia and New Zealand because you are Nope Snowboards rep down there are you not? If I am wrong please correct me… It is amazing what an IP search will bring up. Let snowboarders speak for your company.

  16. Seth Says:

    Wow, I was pretty oblivious to this nonsense. I am fortunate to live in Park City and I although I was really late into the snow industry, I would like to think I’ve paid some dues to be able to speak my mind around here.

    Firstly, as a cynical cunt, I am happy to see Nope. are no longer trading. Hopefully this will happen to other business of similar ilk in Park City. I am not anti-business, nor anti-big business. But there are far too many people who turn up to this town, puff out their chest and try to bully/fake their way to the top (If anyone knows that aging arsehole JK from Flanagans on Main, or Epic Boardshop, for example, then they will know the type of person I am talking about).

    I would also love to see records of money they have given to any charity (I hear they were the first company to give to that K*NY2012 nonsense?!)

    But what really gets my goat, ignoring the constant plugging of their charity work, their degrees, their abhorrent use of poor grammar, is their “better than thou” attitude that they themselves have spewed across the internet.

    Living in a ski town is very different from the town I grew up in. I’ve learned a lot about different people in all walks of life. I’ve learned to just let people do their own thing. I’ve learned that If you are happy living season to season, do it. If you want to live in a PBR, pube infested squalor, do it.
    But just because you mustered together enough money to start a company, does not give you the right to look down on others, boast about how smart you are, how much experience you have, how you will pay lawyers to sue people all day, or mention that bile inducing BMW that has been polluting town the past year.

    You attacked people who could have given you the street cred you so desperately have craved since you went to medical school.

    You are fake. You lied. You got caught out. And it was no one’s fault but your own.

    Rant over.

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