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From ROT’s: Ryan Winters

From broke as a joke to rich as a bitch everyone can plan an epic shred trip. It could be a rail mission in your moms mini van or a heli trip with caviar, strippers and diamond encrusted picture frame with you doing a method off of a cliff that is personally sculpted like your ugly mug….. and everything in between. Whatever your budget may be you can still strap in if your strapped for cash or ball up for the ballers. Here is a bit of a break down for your enjoyment.


You can always man up and do the strut your ass up the hill and hope ski patrol wont see you trying to pull a fast one (at a very slow uphill rate) – Free

Buy some pliers and walk around the resort asking people if they are done with their pass. You may get some stares but screw them. With the amount of money you will be saving they might as well call you Jay-Z because you will be retiring so young. I’ve got 99 problems but being creative ain’t one.

Pliers: 15$
Pride: Who needs it?

Just go and hit up the local resort for a couple days and grab a lift ticket… But you knew that….

Lift ticket: 50 to 100$

Assuming you have a splitty (spitboard) got to a good pass and get your split on. After trail mix, gas, some peak top “epic” beers and Yeah bro’s you will be looking at a nice a cool 50 to 100 pending on the quality of beer and quantity.

Beer (6pack) – 10-15$
Food for a day – 15-20$
Gas – Variable
High fives – Free

Get some nail clippers to get that Thumb nice looking because you will be using it. Or if you are gifted enough to have a buddy with a van and you can go 5 way splitzies on gas do it up.

Go to the local shop and ask where the spots are at and do a bro mission. After McDoes, 89unleaded, some cheap chovels and a whole pile of bro toes you can have a blasty blast all over town. Crew of 5 bro’s in moms van you are looking at a 100-200 cash dollas.

McDoes for the crew – 50$
Gas for a couple days of drivin – 50$
Cheap ass shovels – 5-10$
Brotows – A beer or two


A good way to check the powder without gut checking you bank account is to do some cat skiing. With these kitties they will get you some epic affordable turns that will get your stoke meter to 11. Epic times at .

Revy buddies down at Monashee

There are many companies all over BC that can hook you up with the White stuff all day. Although Cat Skiing is not the same as a Heli, it is an experience and a half that will be burned into your mind for some time. So keep your arms and limbs in the cat and let it take you to some pow son!!!

1,000 – 10,000 $

Getting in a car with some friends a doing a couple week trip at a bunch of resorts is always the greatest. Good times both on and off the mountain. Planning a 2 week to one month trip can be simple and, if done right, does not need to cost an arm(aredo) and a (boot)leg(ger). Lets say you want to do a west coast snowboard trip?? Staying at Hostels instead of hotels is a great way to save some schrilla and meet some felling soliders of the shred.
Hit up the SameSun in Banff, Revelstoke, Kelowna, Vancouver and Silverstar for a super lax atmosphere and tonnes of travelers with top notch advice. We’ve had good luck with Couch Surfing too.

Show at the Beaver Bar - SameSun Hostel Banff

Packing lunches and hitting up the grocery store will not only make your mom blush, it will save you from having to devour those crazily priced resort sandwiches (yuck!). Just pick up lift tickets where ever you go and hit up some sick lines in slack country or park lines for days. After the day is done and legs get tired might as well put em up and get some suds in ya and make some stories happen. Sky is the limit but planning will make or break this as you are the ambassador to your fun.

Breakfast of Champions

There is powder out there sarge, Go get some bro!!! Your buddies bro j Simpson, Brohammed and Shaquille Broneil looking for a good way to spend some money. How does 3 day powder outing including lodging sound to your ears..

No maca-bro-ni & cheese on this outing bro at Baldface they will treat you right… With killer guides, killer lines, and killer food and accommodations. Nothing is spared as you get showered in powder my bromosapian. Rates running around 2000 to 4000 bills including chalet, food, apre, and some sick powder. Book about a 8 months in advance tho!!

Also check out Heliskiing for some more info on Other Helicompanies throughout BC that will get you in the air and droppin’ cliffs in no time.

10,000 + $

How does a bunch of buddies and you chilling on a yacht with a helicopter perched on it ready to rip you to pow at any moment??? Another lame joke Ryan??? Nope, Check it. www.eaheliskiing Yacht Based Heliskiing.

We are talking full on massage therapists at your disposal, 5 star dinning, epic pow on lines that no one has ever seen, heli just chillin for when you need it. For this price I am sure the can accomidate you modest needs ya rich bastard … Not enought.?Would you like maybe to go the Himalayas and rip some पोौदेर (powder) and Emerson yourself in the culture and everything that there is to see and do???

How does a flight to Dehli, six days of heli’s with tons of pow and pampering Himalyan Heli Ski Safari oh if you have the money you can do just about whatever you want. Mo money, Mo problems my ass…

Platinum Heliskiing with EA

Whatever you do, Just have fun with it and remember you may have all the cash to have your crazy weekend or month long trip but having the heart to do it is more important. I have seen people do amazing things with very little money. I mean it is just snow a board and gravity so get creative so that you can make all 3 of these line up. Keep shreddin, ya bastards

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